Christmas Cards


CardsI wonder if you are following the trend this Christmas of not sending cards? There are a noticeable number on social media who have grandly announced: ‘The (*insert name) family are not sending cards this year in order to save the *postman’s back / environment / turkeys / wildlife / carbon footprint’ (*tick where applicable!). I have written more than ever this year in a Canute-like attempt to keep this tradition alive…

My hand is hurting,
my elbow’s sore,
don’t want to write cards,

Some in the pile,
have no address,
named and signed,
what a mess!

My biggest worry,
late at night,
is Sandra really,
Bill’s new wife?

It’s too late,
I’m wrong I fear,
I may not get a card,
From them next year!

It would seem that the much-awaited annual round robin has been finally killed off by social media as we now get a weekly bulletin about remarkable achievements delivered directly to our desktops!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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