The Latest Grandmother!


Swan + CygnetLate on Saturday evening friend Val became a grandmother. What is not mentioned in the Book of Life is that this is one of those pivotal moments. With children, it is a parents responsibility to do all those teachy-learny bits as well as possible. A grandparents role is to add fun, food and frivolity (returning them when the effects of chocolate and other goodies threaten a vomitous resurgence!). In short, grandchildren are the reward for all our hard work as parents…

Hugo Peter has arrived for Grandma Val,
She’s now an ‘over-the-moon’, type of gal!
Already on her phone, pictures by the score,
Joined in months to come, by so many more.
Spaniel Buzz has no idea,
That soon a small boy will grab his ear.
But it’s up to us all, watch how we go,
To make a world worthy of baby Hugo.

To his parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends, best wishes and enjoyment!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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