Cinderella’s Missing Shoe!


Cinderella ShoeWhile clearing out my car, I came across a shoe. It has provoked a mystery as it doesn’t belong to either Mrs or Daughter Bard. Some people (rather cruelly in my opinion) are even beginning to suggest it might be mine. It is a mystery that I fear may never be solved…

Oh Cinderella where are you?
You’ve left behind a strappy black shoe,
I found it when I cleared out the car,
Now I wonder who on earth you are!

It is not one that I ever remember,
I don’t wear heels my feet are tender!
Would be quite useful in a flood,
It can’t be mine because there is no mud!

So Cinderella please step forward,
Do you live in Bedford, or even Norwood?
If you want it please just you call,
Then at last you can go to the ball!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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