The Last Daffodil


Daff 1We have one daffodil left under the flowering cherry tree. A daffodils departure often goes unnoticed as our eyes feast on blossom. This year I have been out and thanked her for her unique colour when all around was still drab and winter-like…

A lonely daffodil called Dilly
Was standing alone by a tree
“I’m the last one left
I’m quite bereft
There’s nobody left but me”

All the others had petals a-crispy
Their time was over this year
They’d said their goodbyes
With watery eyes
Next year they will reappear

Under the tree filled with blossom
The lonely daffodil made clear:
“I am quite sure,
I’ve done this before,
I’ll see you again in a year”
Daff 2© Baldock Bard 2014
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