City Shopping on a Saturday!


We had a friend to stay this weekend and we thought it reasonably safe to venture into Cambridge on Saturday for a spot of light shopping and lunch. I proclaimed that as Christmas is over a month away and money is short this year, there would be few shoppers around. Mrs Bard suggested that I book a restaurant for lunch, a move that I wrongly considered to be unnecessary…

We went to Cambridge on Saturday,
From farm to city for the day!
People crowding down the street
From my perspective they looked like sheep!
I’d booked a table at Loch Fyne,
If I hadn’t we’d not dine!
The shops were crowded all day ‘till four,
How did they fit so many in the Apple Store?
By late afternoon we’d had enough,
My arms were drooping with bags of stuff.
Walking back to the car, there was as curse and a ‘ding’,
There are almost more bikes than in Beijing!
So if I may, can I offer some advice?
Going shopping next Saturday? Better think twice!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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