Dolly’s Hospital Stay!


It is never easy when an animal is taken ill. Unlike some people, who rush to the doctor with every bump, scrape or minor discomfort, animals are reluctant to tell the vet what is wrong. Dolly the Horse (She on the farm who must be obeyed!) competed in a dressage competition on Sunday before being taken seriously ill. So worried was the vet that she spent 24 hours at the Royal Veterinary College under observation. Thankfully she is now back on the farm and is bossing everyone about once more…

Dolly the horse went out for the day,
No grass in the field, no eating hay.
She went to an event to compete.
But her day ended up incomplete.
After the competition she fell ill,
The vet was called – no magic pill.
Not allowed home but instead,
Ended up in a hospital bed!
Sweating and shivering she’d had a fright,
Just to be sure, kept in overnight.
The chickens noted that she’d not risen,
Wondered if she’d gone to prison!
The silly geese with no GCSEs,
Were able to patrol the farm with ease!
But everyone else had fingers crossed,
It was too quiet not being bossed!
The nosey ducks had heard somebody say:
“It’s possible that she’ll be back today!”
But nobody believes a duck called Bill,
When Dolly’s stable was quiet and still.
But late last night when the sky was black,
A shout went up “DOLLY IS BACK!” 

With our grateful thanks to the duty vet who tended to Dolly and the staff at the Royal Veterinary College for their kindness and care.

© Baldock Bard 2012
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