Closing Down!


Barretts1On Saturday I went to the closing-down sale of a general store that had been In the town of St Neots for over 125 years. The store was packed with bargain hunters, one wonders where all the people came from, and what was so different about this week. If there was something unusual that was rarely stocked these days, Barretts was the answer.

I wanted a pad
of Basildon Bond,
an old-fashined type
of writing paper I’m fond!

I asked the assistant
if she had,
some analogue paper
that came in a pad!

While I was there
“Can you recommend,
an analogue printer,
we once called a pen?”

She said “very funny,
now let me think!
I think we have everything
apart from analogue ink!”
With best wishes for the future to all the staff at Barretts. You made the store and also made it worthwhile returning. You will be missed.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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