The Alien in the Dentist’s Light!


Dentist LightLying in the dentist’s chair yesterday, looking up at the inspection lamp, I realised that if aliens wanted to see man at his most vulnerable they should infiltrate that light. Many people hate going to the dentist and put off the evil day. I find that whenever I’ve been, the care shown is such, that the fear vanishes and I’m left wondering what the fuss was all about…

I went to the dentist,
she said “Are you well?”
I said “It’s my tooth,
it’s hurting like Hell!”

She said “Let me look,
Oh yes! I can see,
this may feel uncomfortable,
open wide for me!”

After the injection,
she started to dig around,
I didn’t feel a thing,
but didn’t like the sound!

Suddenly it was over,
I rinsed the taste away,
Her parting words to me,
“Back on Thursday!”

The alien in the light,
reporting back from earth,
“She was too kind to him,
observation had no worth!”

With many thanks to my dentist for making the time in her chair as pain-free as possible.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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