Counting Blessings!


Dandelion SeedsYesterday I went for a long walk with my 18-month-old Granddaughter. ‘Quality Time’ is a phrase much banded about in child welfare circles. My quality time with her didn’t involve a trip to a fast food joint, buying the contents of a toy store or any form of organised play, it was old-fashioned free…

It was a beautiful, early summer, afternoon,
In mid-May, not even yet June,
We went for walk in the wood,
I guess we’re lucky that we could.
We played ‘choose the stick’ many times,
Sang a few out of tune Nursery Rhymes!
Tried to make a long daisy chain,
Waved at aircraft coming back from Spain!
We picked some yellow Buttercups,
Blew Dandelion seeds just for lucks!
I enjoyed my time (I’m regressing?)
Was a walk when I counted every blessing!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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