The Smuggler’s Moon!


Dark nightI looked out across the river the other evening and grabbed my camera. For once in my life the picture came out surprisingly well considering I’m only a ‘point and squirt’ snapper. In fact I was so proud of my efforts that I had to find some words to go with it. So with apologies…

Twas a dark, dark, night at the head of the river,
Just cold enough to make you shiver.
When Captain Tom and his First Mate Jacko,
Came ashore with contraband tobacco.

They tied the boat up to the jetty,
With gloved hands that were shaky and sweaty.
Then set off down the unlit road,
Two strange men 18th Century-clothed!

Keeping eyes skinned for the local law,
They headed towards the bar room door.
The barmaid looked up from the cat she was stroking,
“You can’t bring that in ere, this is NON SMOKING!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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