Disgusted of Baldock?


“I am disgusted to learn…” can be found weekly in the letters column of all local newspapers. It’s always best to check facts first before assumptions are made. This week, one of the busiest ever for Union Jack-waving, French and German flags appeared in Baldock High Street. Before rushing to put pen to paper I checked…

French and German flags fly in Baldock
Colourful against the sky
Various people became concerned
And paused to look and wonder why!

So I rang a local Councilor
Helpfully he explains
That twin-town folk are guests in Baldock
Here to visit the Olympic Games!

He helped to answer all the questions
About our Euro-brothers
The Union Jack flies on the church
(Of course much higher than both the others!)
You’re Making Us So Proud!
(Medals table Friday Evening 3rd August 2012) 

 © Baldock Bard 2012
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