The Man with the Golden Gun!


Having never shined at sports I am envious of those who do.  None more so than in sports I have tried. Missing clays with a twelve-bore gun is easy, hitting them consistently is something I’ve never even come within a country-mile of achieving. Peter Wilson, Gold medallist in the Twin-trap Shooting, you are remarkable …

Just when some were saying
It was over for Team GB
Not just one gold medal
Today they managed three!

I’ve no idea what it’s like
To sprint down a track
Or tackle swirling torrents
Team-mate at your back

Or hurtle round an oval
On two skinny wheels
Or win by a tenth of a second
I don’t know how it feels

But watching a young farmer
Shooting at the clays
I couldn’t have hit that number
Given six or seven days!

They are tricky little muckers
Seldom overrun
So Peter Wilson from Dorset
You’re the man with the Golden Gun!

Congratulations from fellow-farmer Baldock Bard!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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