Does anybody out there give a damn?


To LetI went to a local town the other day and was shocked how many shops were empty since my last visit. The local council had attempted to rectify this by wrapping the windows with printing to make it look as if there was a shop there…

Does anyone shed a tear
When shops just disappear
Or the café on the corner
Is no longer there?

Does anyone really care
That so many shops are bare
Just waiting for someone
To turn them round?

Does anyone miss a beat
When there’s nothing on the street
And the only place to go
Is out of town?

Shall we be bereft
When there’s only Tesco left
Sainsbury’s Waitrose
Aldi, Lidl too?

Who knows?
Who cares?
That’s all!
Closing Down

© Baldock Bard 2014
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