Complaints about the Corridors!


IMG_0281On Sunday morning I spent nearly six hours in our local hospital’s A&E department with an aged relative. Last Wednesday I spent some hours in another hospital’s A&E. Forewarned by numerous news reports I was prepared to see a department on its knees. What I found in both cases were departments on top of their game and worthy of the highest praise. We have always known that medical staff in our hospitals give the greatest of care. I would not/could not do what they do, could you…
Hospital corridor 2They’re always complaining in the media
Turning sick stories into hospital fact
Anyone can get the treatment
Why don’t we celebrate that?

They don’t ask, “Have you the cash?”
They don’t turn you away at the door,
Everyone is treated with kindness,
Nobody sleeps on the floor.

So consider the next time you’re moaning,
About what it’s like elsewhere,
And be grateful that you live here,
And the NHS is not over there!

With grateful thanks to staff at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge,
and the Lister Hospital, Stevenage.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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