Dolly and the Rainy Days!


Animals all have their own identities on this farm. None more than Dolly the Horse (I had to say that quietly because she has yet to discover that she is a horse. Ballerina, Rocket-Scientist or Princess naturally spring to mind). She keeps us all amused with her vastly outlandish behaviour and helps make this farm live up to the name many call it by – The Funny Farm…

Dolly the horse is upset,
It’s the dreadful weather you see.
Two days of rain,
Who’s to blame?
As she shelters under a tree.

She’s wearing a waterproof rug,
The keeps her long back dry.
Alas no hat,
She can’t have that,
Or the drips from the tree in her eye!

However this morning she’s better,
The sun is warming her back.
She needs sunglasses,
So she outclasses,
Her mucker-outer who’s dressed in a mack!

© Baldock Bard
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