Big in Veg!


On a visit to a vegetable wholesaler this morning I noticed that a certain type of buyer inhabits the enormous warehouse at silly-o’clock in the mornings. Very knowledgeable, large (in both character and build), most helpful and nearly always with earth-stained hands. I call this breed ‘Big in Veg!’…

Mick is ‘Big in Veg’,
He knows all there is to know,
His cauliflowers and carrots,
Which variety’s you should grow.

He drives a dirty King-Cab,
If you look into the back,
There’s always a net of sprouts,
And potatoes by the sack.

You’ll see him at the wholesalers,
Before the clock strikes three,
Leaning on a pallet of veg,
Fist around a mug of tea!

Although he is ‘BIG’ in Veg,
He’s the first to give a hand,
Helping shift some sacks of greens,
Or help to load a van.

If you see Mick at the market,
Or down at ‘Ye Olde Horse and Hedge’,
Doesn’t matter who he’s with,
He’ll be talking about his veg!

© Baldock Bard
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