Drone-Destroyer Denzel!


Denzil's Destroyed DroneThe media is excitedly awaiting more dastardly drone stories. Hardly a day goes by when the competence of operators or pilots is not called into question. Having taken time, money and effort to become qualified, I can appreciate the vast difference between serious fliers and those ‘Just-out-of-the-box Johnnies.’ The one mercy is that these things have one-thousand-and one ways of self-destructing when used by the incompetent (and sometimes me!). Trees and buildings rather than planes are the drones enemy…

Denzel the Drone Destroyer,
is in need of an excellent lawyer,
he unboxed the drone,
flew it at home,
the cat looks as if shaved by Goya!

He took it out to the park,
flew it around in the dark,
said “oh dear me!”
when it hit a tree,
the bill for repair’s left its mark!

When it finally returned from repair,
“from now on I shall take more care,”
his wife sued for divorce,
when it veered off course,
and tangled itself in her hair!

Now banned from flying inside,
went to the countryside for a ride,
didn’t set ‘home’,
for Baldock (or Rome!)
so it’s flown back to China (or tried!)

© Baldock Bard 2016
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