The Sylvanian Wedding!


Sylvanian WeddingMost who have had a daughter or grand-daughter in the last twenty-something years will have been introduced to a Sylvanian Family. For the uninitiated, these are family units; cats, mice, dogs, meerkats etc. Once in your house, they will afford you endless opportunities to buy a myriad of accessories including; houses, mansions, boats, cars, planes and other Sylvanian lifestyle items that no self-respecting parent could possibly ignore. We are on our second generation that is ‘Sylvanian-obsessed’. Recently there was a riotous wedding in a Sylvanian house….

After Mr and Mrs Goat’s wedding,
in a Sylvanian house,
clearing up took a week,
around an unconscious mouse!

Plates were littered around the floor,
the wedding cake toppled over,
the newly-weds nowhere to be found,
was said they’d gone to Dover!

Cleardy-up has taken place,
lingerers shown the door,
uneaten cake removed from the walls,
and bottles from all the floors!

So before a Sylvanian wedding,
should hospitality fail,
you can always threaten Sylvanian toys,
with a trip to a car boot sale!
SylvaniansPlay nicely now children! Oh! You’d like the full-sized castle? Of course darling, I’m sure the families will be very happy there, and you’d also like…!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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