Drone Hits Plane

Gravity - the drones enemy!

Gravity – the drones enemy!

Yesterday the media reported that a drone hit a plane. This was the headline those of us who fly UAV’s (drones) responsibly had been dreading. It could have been worse, there could have been loss of life. I have invested a lot of money and time getting proper training, licence and insurance and I am not going to sit back and see my fledgling business wrecked…

All the headlines scream:
Drone Hits a Plane!
It’s just what the media wanted,
here we go again!
Ban them, catch them, jail them,
throw away the key,
It’s obvious they’re a danger,
to all humanity!

My drone was bought from a dealer,
it won’t fly near a plane,
it can’t hover near an airport,
hit an inbound flight from Spain.

It can’t reach an altitude,
of more than 400 feet,
It just hovers up there,
which really is quite neat.

An inbuilt ‘Nanny Factor’,
somewhere deep inside,
buy it in the UK,
Headlines over-ride!

Instead will be reported,
‘Drone finds missing man’
‘Helps out at Accident’
‘Illustrates a Council Plan’

…But of course good headlines aren’t news!
Fly well, Fly safe. And remember the drone-flyers enemy is gravity, these things come down easier than they go up (see my picture, the result of overflying a harmless crop!)

My personal thanks go to:
Heliguy for supplying,
RUSTA for training,
CAA for licensing
Coverdrone for insurance.
Without them I’d not be flying.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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