The Warning Sign!


warning1It is always of the utmost importance to be able to read warning signs. Ignoring them can lead, not only to misunderstandings, but also injury. Some years ago a friend arrived home after an alcoholic evening to face the fury of his wife ignoring all the traditional warning signs. Luckily for me, names and precise details have been obliterated from memory by the mists of time…

“What time of night do you call this?”
she stood at the summit of the stairs,
hands on hips, one leg bent at the knee,
She caught me unawares!

I gazed up through fog of alcohol,
called her to silence with a ‘shesh!’
started the ascent upon my knees,
vision seemingly obscured by mesh.

When I finally reached the top step,
stood carefully lest I fall,
She kicked my legs away,
and I tumbled back down to the hall.

…Breakfast was a meal taken in silence.

Have a great week and make sure you take note of all warning signs!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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