Drone On The Roof!


rooffall3Yesterday I had a minor crash with my UAV (Drone) and it looked spectacular. Losing concentration I tried to land it on the roof of the stables from where it fell unceremoniously to the ground. Suddenly a song by the Drifters came into my mind and I now can’t shift it: ‘Up On The Roof!” Four new propellers and two prop guards later all was well…

When your drone starts foolin’ around,
and misbehaves in front of your face
it climbs up higher than our stairs,
and all my training falls right into place!
On the roof, no landing place to be,
the landing zone is as hard as hard can be!
Let me tell you now,

When I pick up the pieces of my drone,
I carry it back to the table at home (it hit the roof!)
I get away from the accident site
And think about the excuse I can use (it hit the roof!)
On the roof the only place I know,
Where drones that land make up a good show!
Let’s not land on the roof! (up on the roof!)

The damage wasn’t as bad as it could be,
and from the picture you can clearly see,
I keep a telling you… (repeat from top!)

With apologies to the Drifters for borrowing their melody, please can you take it back now?

© Baldock Bard 2016
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