The Joys Of Friendship


thennowLast year everyone told me not to worry about turning sixty as this is now the new forty! Huh! In many ways it hasn’t felt like it, my body is in slow decline and the shock I get every morning when I look in the mirror starts my heart beating again. But now I’ve become sixty-one I realise that some things don’t change…

My oldest friend and I
stood on a gate,
in the same position,
as we stood
many years before.
We re-encacted
the picture!
He is distinguished,
having had,
good health,
a successful career,
long marriage,
three children,
and grey hair!
I on the other hand,
have been a peasant,
all my life,
but enjoyed,
good health,
two children,
and long marriage.
we both share,
the devastating
loss of a child,
but above all,
we also share,
the joy of a life-long friendship.

To all my readers, friends and loved ones, thank you for your friendship. The other person in the old photo is my father, still going strong at 90 years old!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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