Ducklings in December!


December ducklingsSometimes I wake and think “What am I going to give my wonderful readers today?” I wandered downstairs in the dark as I have a lorry to load. It was bleak and cold as I opened the door for two hesitant terriers to salute the morning. Sitting in front of Madame Computer, I looked through a file of photos hoping for some sort of bleary inspiration to appear (aided no doubt by the blend of beans in my large steaming mug!). Suddenly some ducklings appeared on the screen. “Ducklings in December?” my brain screamed, “That’s just plain wrong!”…

There’s nothing like ducklings on a Thursday
To make everyone go “Aaah!”
Because a Thursday in December,
Can be depressing, under par!
It’s dark and cold in the mornings,
A commute devoid of chucklings,
So it’s good to have a springtime reminder,
Of warmer days and ducklings!

….sorry! Have a great Thursday.
© Baldock Bard 2014
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