Eric and Alice Recreate Their Youth with Two Wheels!


Park CyclingYesterday I watched a retired couple cycle through a local park. Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton they weren’t, but if this is ‘Legacy from the Games’ I’m all for it! I can only hope that if I reach retirement age (whatever age that’ll be by the time my turn arrives) I can enjoy being as active. I must get down to the gym and try my hand at spinning and follow my friend Alastair’s example (although not the 105 miles London Revolution he cycled the other weekend!)…

Eric and Alice are just retired,
They’ve got an adequate pension,
They think it’s great,
To recreate,
Days further off than they mention!

Back then they courted on two wheels,
In those days few had a car,
On Eric’s racer,
He would chase her!
She would let him catch her (say aaah!).

Last week they bought two new bikes,
They take their time as they can,
They don’t go far,
Before finding a bar,
Alice still being chased by her man!

They like to cycle through the park,
Sometimes they’re similarly attired,
You could say,
As I saw them yesterday,
That they’ve both become re-tyred!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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