The Council’s Vultures (that we love to hate!)


Baldock Traffic WardensRecently there has been a news story about over-zealous traffic wardens issuing parking tickets in Warley, West Midlands. The article was headed: ‘March of the Little Hitlers’ and reported that traffic wardens had targeted a group of little old ladies outside a church. While I only know the reported facts that may or may not be perfectly true (and who am I to question the unbiased reporting of AN Wilson in the Daily Mail?), I only know what I have witnessed in Baldock…

They walk in pairs down the street,
Fluorescent-wearing twins,
Looking for miscreant parkers,
To punish for their sins!

There once was a Baldock warden,
Before targets were the norm,
Would enquire in the shop whose car it was,
“Please hurry,” she used to warn.

But now they bus them into town,
Vultures after prey,
Plaster tickets around the town,
Driving shoppers far away.

I know they have a job to do,
Encouraged by the liberal elite,
It’s important to clear the narrow roads,
But not our wide High Street!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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