Evaporating Chocolate!


Have you ever suffered from evaporating chocolate? Yesterday morning while preparing the books for the accountant I was shocked to find that some chocolate had evaporated inside the wrapper while I sat at my desk. I will be writing to the manufacturers to voice my very real concerns that I have discovered what was, up to now, a physical impossibility. If you have had suffered too, please let me know. There are reports, so far unconfirmed, that evaporation has been a problem with some opened bottles of wine. The problem may not be unique to me…

I had to do the accounts
I was prisoner of deliberation
In order to ease the fearsome task
I opened up a Celebration

I had just reconciled bank statements
I thought I’d deserved just one
In a shot it hit the spot
Taste buds over run!

I checked through all the bills
Discovered some had gone astray
I had to steady up my nerves
No chocolate rationing today!

I shall have to ask the accountant
Can I set chocolate against my tax?
It is surely Tax efficient
As it’s my food not just snacks!

Empty wrappers sit on my desk
I now feel under the weather
The evidence has now disappeared
Thanks to my office shredder!

I shall have to get in touch with those nice people at Sweet Paradise in St Neots (http://www.sweetparadise.co.uk) so they can send reinforcements before the situation gets out of hand!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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