John’s Big Night Out!


There are times when good tractor lights are invaluable! On Saturday night John filled his coffee flask and worked through the night to beat forecasted heavy rain. The difference in ploughing when dry and when wet is enormous when it comes to breaking down the land before planting the new crop. But you never know if forecasted heavy rain will arrive…

Sunday morning when most were asleep
Party-goers crawled home to their beds
Tractor lights shone in the furthest of fields
Dust rose from the large tyre treads

John was ploughing right through the night
Hoping to beat forecast rain
When he was finished it was back to his bed
Job done in the next harvest chain!

Bated breath was held to see if worth
Working into the night
By midday the rain was to stay
Proving to all he was right!

Well done John!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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