Fair Trade Wanted!


Wheat on earYesterday I had a walk around the farm with Elizabeth, from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, prior to a visit by a group of farmers in a fortnight. On the way round we talked around a number of topics, mainly to do with conservation. However something she said has sat at the back of my mind and is now shouting to be heard in that vast empty cavern…

Fair Trade should begin at home,
Supporting farmers now,
Instead of looking to abroad,
For wheat or milk or cow!
We want everything to be cheaper,
We don’t care how it’s done,
The fact the grower gets bugger-all,
“It’s always been,” say some.
So next time you’re doing shopping,
Seeking bargains with toothcomb!
Consider looking for British,
Because Fair Trade begins at home!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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