Thinking Of You!


PC 05061915While looking for a photo for this morning’s blog I came across a photo I took of a postcard that someone bought at the car boot sale last year. It was posted exactly a hundred years ago this week and conveys a sentiment that wouldn’t go amiss right now. However the actions of the subject would be frowned upon today and the postcard would banned from sale…

We should all take a moment,
In train or car or bus,
To consider someone’s day,
That is, apart from us.

Who do we know that is happy?
Do we know someone who’s sad?
Do we know someone whose life is good,
Or someone whose times are bad?

Take this postcard from long ago,
and perhaps do as I’ve said,
But please remember it’s dangerous,
To smile while smoking in bed!

I’m thinking of YOU at BALDOCK! Wishing you an enjoyable Thursday, may your day bring many smiles!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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