Falling Leaves!


The other night on the local news an expert was talking about the spread of ‘Ash Tree Die-back Fungus’. Amongst other useful pointers he gave was an appeal to viewers to “be on the look out for trees with leaves turning brown and falling.” Not being in the least bit cynical as to the validity of advice from an ‘expert’, but I was under the impression that all trees (apart from evergreens) had leaves that turned brown and fell off in the autumn…

Toddlers in bright-coloured wellington boots,
Kick at dead leaves – don’t give two hoots!
It used to be Park-keepers who cleared the path narrow,
With a swish of a rake and wooden wheelbarrow!
Now they have gone replaced by contractors,
With their noisy leaf-blowers and path-blocking tractors!
Later the leaves on the rails will all congregate,
To give an excuse why the train runs again-so-late!
It’s not the fault of experts or indeed crime,
It’s just what happens every year at Autumn time!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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