Spoilt for Choice!


Following the demise through flame of my faithful old car I have been looking for a replacement. Thinking about the topic of changing vehicles I wrote the following. For most of us, buying a car is the second largest purchase we’ll make in our lifetime. For many years I have used a local garage, Quenbys in Baldock, to aid decisions. I hope any decisions you make are not like the following (all characters and premises in the following verse are fictitious!)…

My faithful car is past its best
It’s just failed the annual test
And so it’s time to say goodbye
The family will instruct me what I should buy!

My wife says she can imagine us
In something that looks like a bus
She tells me they are trendy now
Great in Islington but not in Slough!

My son tells me to get a Jag
Sleek and sporty, no turbo lag
Room for a girlfriend and another
There’d be no room for his sister or mother!

“Anything’s fine as long as it’s pink”
Is what my daughter seems to think!
With folding roof and deep plush leather
Has she forgotten winter weather?

We went to see our local dealer
He knew our needs like some faith healer
Encouraged my ‘clan’ in their separate ways
Totally ignored the one who pays!

My wife was sitting in an MPV
My son “This sports car’s fine for me”
My daughter mooned over a pink hatchback
Whilst I just stood there taken aback!

When finally they left their dreams on wheels
All shouting at once about wonderful deals
I suddenly realised I didn’t care
I’ll just take our old car in for repair!
© Baldock Bard 2012

You can trust Donald to help you find your next car.

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