Farmer Jack


Welding 2In the real world, if something breaks on your bike/car/lorry/bus/train, you contact an expert who effects a repair. On the farm you drag out the welder and pray the repair holds until the job is done. You are a Jack (of all trades) and given a good dose of luck your bodge-job will hold for its intended duration…

Easter Saturday dawns and all is well,
you’re off to drill oats for porridge to sell.
Checking around the machine a marker’s broken,
rain is forecast don’t want a soakin’.
Out with the welder on with the hood,
“hope this holds must weld it good,”
at last it’s mended you sigh ‘phew!’
“Look at that skill it’s good as new!”
Out in the field the marker strains,
finished the field and then it rains!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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