Feeding the Fields!


This is the time of year where the crops should be growing like crazy! It is most important that they don’t go hungry and so we feed them with some fertiliser. In an ideal world we’d use dung from cattle, sheep or pigs, unfortunately we’d need so many to cover even a small farm like ours, that there would be no room to grow crops. So the ‘feed’ has to come from a one-tonne bag…

Feeding the Fields

This is the time on the farm you know,
When crops need feeding to make them grow.
We use calculations as a guide,
To work out the fertilizer rate applied.
If we lifted the bag we’d come unstuck,
It has to be raised by a fork-lift truck!
Into the spreader the granules flow,
Spread twenty-four metres in one go.
A little warm rain and ‘Hey Presto’,
The crop sighs with relief and continues to grow!

© Baldock Bard
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