Counting Goals with Frank!



I have a friend who often travels to watch football. Despite his support of another team rather than Manchester United, I thought of him when United played Everton yesterday. United were winning 4-2 at home when six minutes of the match to go, Everton scored against the run of play, and then with just four minutes left on the clock, scored again. Final score 4-4. Apparently this is normally a trick pulled out of the bag week in week out by United but for once they were left to look shocked at the final whistle…

Counting Goals with Frank!

My friend Frank
Has always followed United,
A workmate got some tickets he was highly delighted
So yesterday,
They made sure they weren’t late,
Booked into a hotel so they could celebrate!
Got to the match,
Were in the upper tier,
Frank didn’t mind he was in the atmosphere!
The first whistle blew,
They were on their feet,
When United scored Franks joy was all complete.
Then they scored again,
And again did score,
To Frank’s amazement they soon had notched up four!
Someone had told him:
“If you want to get out,
you must leave the game before the final shout.”
So after 80 minutes,
United lead 4-2
“That must be that there is nothing else to do!”
By the gate
They heard a muffled roar
“Must have been United with a final score!”
They went to a pub,
Drank fast to beat the crowd,
Didn’t notice subdued fans who weren’t their normal loud,
They finally learnt
While watching Match of the Day,
‘You can’t count your goals before the final play!’

© Baldock Bard
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