Coming Home!


fastrac-roadYesterday I went to fetch my repaired tractor, it was as if an old friend had been away on holiday! The tractor-doctors had worked their magic and it drove as if new! Now I can rush around again, finish the ploughing, do some grass topping and put her back into the barn for the winter…

Picked up an old friend from near Luton Airport,
She looks good from her holiday or so I thought!
We drove back through Offley and then through Hitchin,
performance was good – no scratching or itching!
Until distracted by the radio putting the world to rights,
I went and stalled the tractor at busy traffic lights!
I’d been thinking I looked cool in my farmer’s hat,
I now knew I’d overstepped the mark …I just looked a prat!

Thanks to all who managed to get the tractor repaired in time to get the ploughing done before rain and to Jonny who made it sparkle like new!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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