The Doctor Says…!


pl5There is an old joke where a doctor is seeing a patient before surgery: “I’m pleased to say, Mr Jones, that after surgery you’ll be able to play the violin.” “That’s remarkable doctor, that’s one thing I couldn’t do before!” Yesterday I went ploughing with my recently repaired tractor and achieved the neatest ploughing ever. I had to record the moment with my camera. Maybe it has something to do with the ‘Tractor-Doctors’ who effected the repair…

I looked behind from the tractor seat,
the furrows I could see were straight and neat,
I could ‘see’ a big cup in a ploughing match,
(turned out to be tea, not a good catch!)
I took a photo it was such a surprise,
shame that the sun had been in my eyes!
Looking at the photo on the computer screen,
was like the big fish the fisherman’s never seen!
So I’ve not sent off the ploughing match’s entry letter
for fear of the reply – ‘Could do better!’

If you’re driving past the farm, please don’t judge the ploughing on School Field, or if you do, please be kind and pretend it’s not mine!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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