Fishing Freddie and the Heat!


Baking BaldockYesterday in Baldock the temperature rose to 32 degrees Centigrade. On a trip to the town I ran into ‘Fishing Freddie’ a retired machinist whose passion is to sit by a lake, rod in hand and grumble. Unfortunately the heat had driven him into the town…

If you meet Fishing Freddie,
be prepared, you must get ready,
everything in his life is bad,
except fishing, it drives you mad!
I mistakenly asked if he were well,
“Bad ankle and back’s giving me hell!”
His biggest moan was about the heat,
Gold star complaining you couldn’t beat.
Only last month he was complaining,
“Bloody weather, always raining!”
Eventually I had to get away,
knew he’d have the final say:
“Down the lake there’s a moratorium,
hotter than a damn crematorium,
never known it before in my life,
better go home, spend time with the wife!”

Enjoy a wonderful day in the sunshine, you never know what tomorrow might bring! 

© Baldock Bard 2016
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