The Gathering!


GatheringTake a piece of machinery out in public, lift the bonnet, and a gathering of mainly old men will probably occur! The other day I visited a museum where they had a vintage bus. A slight misfire of the engine led to a crowd of men gathered to view the problem, a gathering had been instigated…

The vintage bus ground to a halt,
The driver scratched his head,
all of a sudden a crowd appeared,
not mechanics but experts instead!

“I remember just after the war,”
Bert Briggins told the crew,
“I had the very self same thing,
on the A500 just outside Crewe!”

Johnny Junkins quickly piped up,
“don’t you meant the A525?,
I had an aunt who lived next to that road,
alas she’s no longer alive!”

“I think it could be a con-rod,”
Sam Smith interjected with glee,
“or perhaps just a noisy tappet,
some oil would set the thing free!”

The driver switched off the engine,
and took a look up at the sky,
“I think I’ll make a decision,
mine’s a pint, who’s going to buy?”

© Baldock Bard 2016
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