Five Golden Goslings!


Goslings 2015One of the marvels of spring is the sudden appearance of little yellow bundles around the legs of the farm geese. No matter how many years you’ve witnessed this, it still comes as a wonderful surprise. However the show is always watched from a distance…

Five little goslings,
Under mothers feet,
Learning survival,
And finding things to eat.

They’re fluffy and they’re yellow,
They scoot around the yard,
Let’s hope the fox doesn’t get them,
‘Cos we would find that hard.

There’s daddy and there’s mummy,
And Aunty Goosey too!
It doesn’t hardly matter,
I don’t know who is who!

Nobody gets too close
To the precious little five
You’ll be penned in a corner
Until the other geese arrive!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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