Sherry O’Clock!


Sherry O'ClockApparently sherry is making a comeback. No longer is it just the favourite tipple of maiden aunts, the young are discovering its magic powers too. A glass or three can have the drinker telling the tallest of tales, climbing the highest of mountains or even writing the most absurd poetry…

It’s sherry o’clock in Barcelona,
Sherry o’clock in Banbury too,
“Would you care for a small glass of sherry?”
“Why, I really don’t mind if I do!”

Sonia discovered this remedy,
Said “living with Gerald’s not fair!”
Took sherry as her medication,
Hardly noticed he’s there!

A writer had nothing on paper,
His mind was empty they say,
Dispatched most of a bottle,
His best-seller is titled ‘Ole!’

A farmer I know had problems,
Counting his sheep every day,
He now waves at them in the morning,
With a sherry as they munch on hay!

A student had her boyfriend for dinner,
“Have a sherry or two,” she’d trill,
Cleared up into six bin bags,
Now her thesis is off to landfill

*Warning: drinking sherry can alter your vision, some things may appear to be closer than they really are. Serving suggestion only.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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