Fluorescent Fred and his One Man Shed!


Flourescent Fred in his one man shedThere are road works on the A11, Norwich Road, near Thetford. At last someone has seen sense and decided to upgrade the nightmare-road of my childhood holidays! We all love the golden beaches of North Norfolk and the waterways of the Broads, but getting there has always involved holiday-journey-traffic-jam hell! The journey through Thetford Forest was also a perfect excuse to frighten younger siblings with tales of ghouls and goblins, earning a much-contested but well-deserved slap from the front seat! All this, along with driver’s angst, will soon be a distant memory when the road works are completed and the banksman ‘Fluorescent Fred’ has moved on to works anew…

Tango’d up to the nines in fluorescent,
Brighter plumage than a cock-pheasant!
Fred guides trucks and diggers across the road,
Making sure they don’t spill their load!
His one-man shed is dry and shady,
To the heavy plant, he’s a lollipop lady!

Dedicated to all banksmen, the unsung heroes of roadworks, whose vital work goes largely unnoticed by passing motorists. And of course to ‘Fred’ in his unique one-man-shed on the A11 at Elveden near Thetford. If you’re passing, give him a wave or a toot, and show him the love!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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