Wax On Wax Off!


WaxonwaxoffI was busy waxing the car yesterday when a neighbour stopped to enquire about my health. He asked if the tablets I was prescribed were strong enough and had I thought about taking double-dose? Confused, I explained that I didn’t need to take any medication. Before he left he suggested ‘that is a matter of opinion’ as apparently he’d never seen me wax the car before, I have no idea what he meant…

“Wax on, Wax off.”
Was the memorable quote,
from the eighties film,
The Karate Kid.
Where the master says
To his pupil:
Wax on, Wax off!
Wax on right hand,
Wax off Left hand,
Breathe in through mouth,
Out through nose,
Don’t forget to breathe
Very important.”

Now I am much older,
It’s wax on, both hands,
Take a break!
Wax off, both hands,
Take a break!
Thankfully I’ve still,
Not forgotten to breathe,

© Baldock Bard 2013
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