Friends Like Ours


D Alde 1On Wednesday, a friendly neighbour left some flowers outside our door along with a simple, kind message. Another left a box of Quality Street chocolates ‘to help us through the next few days.’
In past years, on the anniversary of my son David’s death, I’ve written about him. However, as much as I still miss him like crazy, even after 13 years, his story is much more about friendship and the way he lived and loved than it is about his loss.

David collected friends in the same way some collect Star Wars memorabilia, football cards or stamps. He loved people of all sorts and all ages. Since his death in a car at university, aged 22, it is both his and our friends that have kept us sane. Not ‘friends’ in the much hyped and misunderstood social media ‘never met’ context, but true friends; the sort who aren’t embarrassed to see a grown man cry, the sort who show empathy as well as sympathy and the sort who are not embarrassed to share their own family moments with us.
Recently a friend of David’s called in so he could share his wonderful news of impending fatherhood with us. It was a magical moment, albeit with a slight tinge of sadness around the outer edges, but one we were so grateful to be included in.

So this year I’d like you to do something special. Either in David’s memory (whether you knew him or not), or just because you want to – I’d like you to find a new friend. It may be that colleague that’s new to the office. It could be someone you see on your daily commute or someone you’ve always wanted to speak to but didn’t have the courage. Here’s your excuse: say “David told me to speak to you!”

Or you could do an Act Of Random Kindness to a complete stranger. Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

…or just enjoy your day, you deserve it!

Miss you David x

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