The Dangers of a Frost!


CultivatingDo you ever have one of those days when you realise after a while you should have stayed in bed? This morning I should have done just that. Instead, even though my morning had been shot down in flames, I continued wading through the mire…

I opened the curtains,
the lawn was white with frost,
I put on my warm coat
Out to the yard to go deep cultivating.

I started the tractor,
Frost obscured any view,
Back to the house for de-icer
Windows now clear
Steamed up inside
Find rag and clear steam
Drive up yard
Anti-theft cultivator blocks track
Back to house for keys to barn
Forklift refuses to start
Find jump leads
Remove grain bucket from loader
Fit forklift tines
Move obstructing cultivator
Notice wearing point has fallen off deep cultivator
Fetch hammer
Lie under cultivator to re-attach point
Hit hand with hammer
Hit head on steel cultivator beam
Swear again
Drive to field with sore head and hand
Frost almost gone
Do four lengths of field
Block discs on cultivator
Unblock by hand
Return to farm
Lock tractor in shed!

It’s when you hit hand and head,
just be sensible and return to bed!

Have a great day and be careful out there!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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