Frosty Sounds!


SnowdropsThankfully February is drawing to a close. The weather is becoming slightly warmer, the sun a little brighter, the evenings gradually lighter and we can start to think about coming out of our winter hibernation…

‘Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop!’
echoes around the farmyard.
Either a film sound-man
is knocking
two empty coconut shells together,
or Dolly and Charlotte
are returning from an early
pre-work ride on this frosty morning.

A conference invitation
drops onto the mat.
An exciting chance to hear
how a remarkable
new chemical
will obliterate weeds and
magically enhance the farm’s profits.
After the industrially-sponsored buffet
a bank manager will explain
how market trends can lead to
Future Profits
(One wonders for whom?).

Meanwhile snowdrops,
sheltering under a hedge,
quietly announce:
“Another Spring is around the corner!”

© Baldock Bard 2013
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