Built Up Shoes!


Built Up ShoesI was walking past a shoe shop yesterday when I saw something that made me stop and stare. How in the name of Derek Doogan could anyone walk in those back-to-front shoes without having a Spice Girl moment and a visit to casualty? But then I remembered that when I was young I was forced to wear a built-up shoe…

Many years ago when Great Uncle Percy died,
Before the funeral, mother called me inside:
“Try on these shoes, never worn, almost new,
He was about your size they’re bound to fit you!
While you’re here you must try on his coat,
It’s old fashioned quality just you take note!”

The day of the funeral was bitter and cold,
Many mourners present and most were so old!
Some showed me sympathy my gait was all bent,
The old herringbone coat was as rigid as a tent!
I had difficulty walking, the coat all askew,
All because of pain from the one built up shoe!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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