Going on a Fridge Hunt!


The other day I went to the fridge and noticed a slight niff! Mrs Bard went to the fridge and exclaimed, “Have you no sense of smell?” It was then that we realised that our twenty-year-old Daewoo was no longer capable of purpose. After hours of poring over Which and other useful guides we were ready to go on a Fridge Hunt…

Our old fridge-freezer has finally died,
there was a pong something rotten inside,
been keeping things cool for twenty years,
gradually failed or so it appears!
Went to look at a vast warehouse,
many too big for anybody’s house.
Spent an hour doing the rounds,
rejected one at three thousand pounds!
The choice these days is just too vast,
you get ‘Fridge Blindness’ as you walk past,
Some chill water or make crushed ice,
wonderful machines apart from price!
So we chose a plain fridge/freezer,
after some tips from the sales-type geezer,
From tomorrow a better mood,
Non-melted ice and frozen food!

Have a great day, may your lollies be stiff, your peas frozen and your milk chilled!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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