Loss of a Mother


There can be few in this country who have not been deeply saddened by the death of MP Jo Cox. I have to admit that, before the terrible events of Thursday last, her name had not crossed my radar. I now realise from the words of others, that she was an example of much of what is decent in politics and society.
It is nigh on impossible and probably vastly hypocritical to write in any detail about someone you didn’t know in any way. However, to many, thoughts extend to her family and the loss that they have so cruelly suffered.
Last weekend I watched a family of swans on the river. The proud parents were fussing around the cygnets as we threw them some food. I am posting this photo in memory of a mother, my thoughts are with her family.

We should all spend extra time with our families this weekend or if that’s not possible  contact them and say the magic words ‘Love You.’

Baldock Bard

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