Goodbye Bunce The Cat


BuncePet owners worldwide know the grief that comes with losing a pet. My daughter’s family have just lost Bunce, a cat they rescued in the snow several years ago (hence the name, Bunce, the make of snow plough, on which he was rescued). He was a most unusual cat, who had used up more than his fair-share of lives…

In the deep mid-winter,
quite some years ago,
My daughter and my son-in-law,
rescued a white cat in the snow.
They took him home on the snow-plough,
Injured, cold, afraid,
and very soon the cat called Bunce,
a new home he had made!
In many ways like a dog,
he followed you around,
I’d see him doing ‘his workings’,
keeping all farm rodents down!
So here’s ‘Goodbye’ to Bunce the Cat,
thank you for your love,
if from clouds we hear loud purrings,
we’ll know you’re up above!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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