The Drone that Survived a Sinking!


wetdroneTwo days ago, I told of how my drone landed in the water at the St Neots Regatta ( Following hours of being sealed in a vacuum bag with rice, it spent two days on the Aga. My hopes of it flying again weren’t great, I don’t have that sort of luck this year…

In May it was me, who took a fall into the river,
new i-Phone wallet and glasses, insurance deliver!
There followed a call to Alison my agent,
spilt coffee on my laptop, (Boy! was she patient!).
The prospect of another call, caused me to shiver:
“Erm, I seem to have landed, my drone in the river!”

Into a vacuum bag, half full of rice,
I avoided adding carrots (would have been nice!)
Drone AgaOnto the Aga just for two days,
If it flies again, it will amaze.
I took it outside, without all its props,
preparing to fail (I’m used to such flops).
But what is this? the motors are turning,
It’s back in the room, it is returning!
I attach the propellors, it soars in the sky,
I let out a yell, don’t need to know why,
Phantom 3So if you see Alison, and she wears a smile,
she hasn’t heard from me, in quite a while!

Thanks to all those UAV operators who have posted their ‘drowning drone’ stories online thus giving me the courage to attempt a ‘dry-out’. Strangely I could find no success stories, but thanks anyway!
Thanks to Alison at the NFU Mutual who covers my back when things go wrong …and thanks to Max, my advertising executive from Wroxham, who designed a new flyer…

© Baldock Bard 2016
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